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Friday, June 18, 2010

Red Yeast Rice and Cholesterol - How Does it Help Your Heart?

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Red yeast rice and cholesterol are directly linked. The effects of this kind of rice on cholesterol levels have been known for almost a thousand years. It is probably the best way to lower your high cholesterol levels. If you are looking for a natural way to lower cholesterol, it is the answer. No one doubts its ability. Doctors recommend it for being all natural. If you are someone who does not wish to have chemicals of other modern-day drugs in your body, it will probably be all you will need.

Red yeast rice was created in China. It is red because monascus purpureus yeast was cultivated onto the rice. This yeast enables the rice to have what is called a monacolin. A monacolin is what modern drugs are; they prevent the liver from producing more cholesterol on the body. This will help you manage your cholesterol levels more easily. This is important because it is a known fact that high cholesterol is dangerous to your health. The cholesterol not used in the body is stored in your arteries. If your arteries run out of room to store them, then you will practically block the blood flow. This causes heart attacks and strokes.

The difference between cholesterol drugs and red yeast rice is that the drugs' dosage is measured. Although there is an issue out there that the dosage is actually too much for the body to take; hence the side effects each drug brings along with it. Regulating red yeast rice is extremely difficult or probably next to impossible. However, the amount of statins in it is not as concentrated as drugs. This will allow you to have your statins without suffering the side effects.

The benefits are undeniable. You should have a decent portion of red yeast rice along with your food. The effects on your cholesterol will be evident as you do this for some time. The only thing one should be aware of is if you have allergies. If you have an allergy to red yeast rice, stop having it. Otherwise, embrace this traditional alternative medicine. It is something you can enjoy without having to remember to take drugs at certain times of day. You may also purchase it in the form of a supplement if you are a busy person. To learn more about red yeast rice and cholesterol you may check other medical websites and forums for more information.


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