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Friday, October 9, 2009

How to Lower Cholesterol Level in Children

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How to Lower Cholesterol Level in Children

Having a high cholesterol level is always a concern for everybody, especially when the children have it. Here is an overview of what we have to do to lower cholesterol level in children.

What is cholesterol?

If you have too much cholesterol in your blood, your blood cholesterol levels is high. There are several factors that effected cholesterol level, like gene, lifestyle and disease, may present a risk for heart problem and stroke. What actually happens is that with too much cholesterol, so that it can not be metabolized in the liver and the excess stored on artery walls and create a plaque. It will eventually blockage or slow blood flow to your brain, to your heart or to other organs.

Why is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is used by the liver in a natural and important body work, as the cholesterol is the material to create the cells and hormones. Cholesterol can be adopted also from dietary sources such as eggs, fish, animal meat dairy products. We can not survive without cholesterol as it is good for us.

Cholesterol in Children

Children Cholesterol Level is measured differently than an adult Cholesterol Level. For children age 2 up to 19 years, total cholesterol below 170, and LDL cholesterol should be below 100 The total cholesterol from 170 up to 200 and to have LDL-cholesterol from 100 to 130 to be limited as the risks. For children with an LDL cholesterol greater than 200 and 130 are considered a high risk, especially for girls with the levels of HDL cholesterol of less than 50 and the boys at a lower level than children with levels 45th LDL over 100 of the likely demand for high cholesterol are treated, especially when they have a history of heart disease in their family.

The treatment to lower cholesterol level in Children

Two primary reasons why children should be treated with high cholesterol. The plaque may develop as the LDL cholesterol is too high, in spite of age, so that the injury to the arteries start early, eventhough they are still young to build it, it will impose a greater problem when they are older. Secondly, good habits can be built to protect against high cholesterol levels if they are old.

What are the treatments to lower cholesterol level in children?

Change your eating habits for children with hypercholesterolemia in the foreground. A healthy diet can benefit not only the children who have high cholesterol level, but also the whole family. Limit fat intake to less than 30% of calories per day. 1500 to 2400 of calories count each day, depending on the age and the activity of the children. Reduction of saturated fat, choose lean meats and sliced low-fat milk and healthier and better cooking oil. Still Children need fat in the brain, so do not remove fat from the diet completely. The Fiber intake must be increased approximately 25 grams each day by eating whole grains, cereals and vegetables. Avoid high-sugar snacks like candy bars and soft drinks.

Another ways to lower cholesterol levels down,

Your children will be more effective if the whole family involved in the program. For example, the children learn, and this will prevent them also from feeling "targeted". Makes the food attractive, try as much possible to eat at home. Let your kids participate in preparing the meal and promote of physical activity.

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