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Monday, June 28, 2010

Lowering Cholesterol With Pterostilbene Found in Blueberries and Grapes

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Have you heard of about lowering your cholesterol with pterostilbene? What is pterostilbene? We have heard of lowering cholesterol through the means of cholesterol reducing drugs and exercise; changing our diets also play a huge role in lowering cholesterol. Cholesterol is normally healthy for people to have. The liver produces all the cholesterol we need for the body. Cholesterol only becomes harmful to our bodies when in large quantities. The cholesterol we do not need gets store in our arteries. When the build-up progresses, it will eventually lead to the blocking of the blood flow. This is what causes heart attacks and strokes.

You were probably told to lower your cholesterol by changing your diet. You were given a list of foods that help lower cholesterol. There is one unexpected food that can help reduce cholesterol levels. These are berries such as grapes and blueberries which are very good for you. These berries contain pterostilbene; it is a compound known to lower cholesterol and promote heart health. How pterostilbene works is it controls special receptors in the body; these receptors are in charge of monitoring the cholesterol levels in your blood. With this regulation your body can maintain more easily a certain level of cholesterol. You will be able to manage your extra cholesterol intake.

Just how much berries should you eat? As of now, it is not determined how much berries you should eat to get the effect of pterostilbene. However, it has been determined that eating too much berries have absolutely no negative effect on your health. Why not eat more of it? Berries are enjoyable and at the same time good for your health. Replace your snacks or desserts with blueberries; you will not regret it. In some studies, blueberries have shown more effectiveness in lowering cholesterol than some drugs in the market.

Blueberries are a natural way to fight high levels of cholesterol. If you are someone who does not want to flood your body with chemicals from the available cholesterol lowering drugs, blueberries and grapes are a great alternative. As for grapes the darker it is, the more potent it is of pterostilbene. Take advantage of foods with pterostilbene. There are products out there made of pure pterostilbene, but wouldn't you rather have a blueberry? To learn more about blueberries and grape's effect on lowering cholesterol with pterostilbene, you may find information on other websites on the internet.


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