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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Learn More About High Cholesterol Foods That You Should Avoid

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What you should and should not eat if you have high cholesterol levels

Many Americans have cholesterol problems and are trying to find ways to reduce them. If you are in this condition, you must be very careful to avoid eating certain products. Knowing which are the most important elevated cholesterol foods can help you maintain your health.

The products that contain saturated fats can also raise your cholesterol. They can actually be more harmful than the high cholesterol foods.

What you should NOT eat

These are the most important products that you should avoid in order to lower your cholesterol and have a healthier diet:

Eggs - Try to substitute them with low-cholesterol products; Fat dairy foods - Avoid products containing cream or cheese; Shellfish - They have a very high cholesterol level; Beef and pork - Two of the products that contain the largest amount of saturated fats.

What you SHOULD eat

If you are a meat lover and you have elevated cholesterol levels you can replace beef and pork with fish, turkey and chicken, which are much better for your health.

It is very important to balance your meal with fiber-containing products, like fruits and vegetables, which will reduce your cholesterol.

You can very easily lower your cholesterol to a healthy level: you only have to cut down the high cholesterol foods listed above and start a low-fat diet.

If you have cholesterol problems and you do not tolerate prescription medication, you should try a cholesterol-lowering diet. This may actually be more effective than drugs!

It is very important for you to know that cholesterol is not all bad. So do not exaggerate, be careful to balance your diet properly and, most importantly, start keeping track of your food intake immediately. You will be amazed how fast your high cholesterol levels will return in the normal range.

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