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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Compare Cholesterol Drugs - Some Important Things You Need to Know About

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You were told by your doctor that you have a high cholesterol level. Now, you want to compare cholesterol drugs to help you manage your levels. High cholesterol is on the rise all over the world leading to more serious conditions. High bad cholesterol puts you at a higher risk of suffering from a heart attack and stroke. A majority of this cholesterol comes from the food we eat. Our livers produce all the cholesterol we need for our body. Changing your diet to more healthy choices is the first step in lowering your bad cholesterol. Sometimes if your level of cholesterol is too high, you need to take drugs in order to help you manage and have more control over it.

Your doctor may have already prescribed to you a certain drug to take, but there is no harm in knowing about other cholesterol drugs. Comparing cholesterol drugs will give you an idea of which drug may be better for you. Some have shown to be more effective than others. With this information in your knowledge, you may ask your doctor about these other drugs if it will be helpful to you. The idea is to have options available.

All cholesterol drugs are statins; statins block a certain enzyme in charge of producing cholesterol. The most popular cholesterol drugs are Lipitor, Lescol, Mevacor, Pravachol, Zocor, and Crestor. These drugs were put to the test. According to the Harvard Health publications, the reduction of LDL levels in patients varied among these drugs. All of the doses were 80mg except Crestor which is 40mg. Lescol scored the lowest: 37%. Lipitor did fairly well at 51%. The winner of these drugs is Crestor: 57%. It seems that the drug with the smaller dosage, proved to be more effective. Another thing you must consider is the cost of these drugs. When comparing the costs for a whole year's supply, Zocor is the most expensive at $1,500. The least expensive is Lescol. However, the greatest deal would once again go to Crestor: $825. Crestor seems to have value and effectiveness.

Although there are many other factors to consider when comparing drugs, hopefully this can give you a more broad view about these popular cholesterol lowering drugs. Medicines are expensive; one needs to be wary of the cost. One should also not sacrifice the effectiveness for the bargain deal. You may ask your doctor how to compare cholesterol drugs or search other medical websites and forums for more information


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