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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Know What to Do to Lower Cholesterol Naturally and Live a Healthier Life

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I think everyone would agree that it's the magic question, the million dollar question even. How can I safely lower cholesterol naturally and still function as a normal human being? High cholesterol or hyperlipidemia is a serious risk to your health and lowering its levels to a healthy level should be a priority for everyone.

First you should understand that not all cholesterol is bad for you. There are two types in your blood, the first being HDL or High-density lipoproteins. This 'good cholesterol' is mainly made up of proteins and only a small part is cholesterol. This can actually help remove fatty deposits from your artery walls.

The type that should be avoided like the plague is LDL or Low-density lipoproteins; this is your 'bad cholesterol'. LDL cholesterol is what deposits fat on your arteries and eventual y leads to Angina, Strokes and Heart Disease.

Simply increasing your intake of HDL and lowering you intake of LDL is not necessarily the secret to good health. Doing so can lead to there being an increase in free radicals in your blood stream. You will find that these can cause severe damage in many ways.

Lipoprotein A is said to be in the same family as LDL cholesterol and emerges as a result of the detrimental effect of free radicals. The reason Lipoprotein A is really not wanted, is because it clings to the damaged arteries. When it sticks to the arteries then it creates a hard plaque which is very hard or impossible to move.

Really speaking, if you want to lower cholesterol naturally then you should avoid fried food and much of the processed food market. These types of food tend to harbor large amounts of oxidized cholesterol which has the same effect as Lipoprotein A. Having said all this, there are plenty of products and information available on those products that both reduce your levels of LDL and free radicals.

There are medications available that can help lower your cholesterol, most health provider will prescribe some type of statin which most have side effects that you will have to learn to tolerate. There are also more natural alternatives that you can take to avoid having to deal with the negative side effects of statin drugs. Speak with your health care provider to see if you can try the natural alternative.

By sticking to a healthy diet, exercise and using a remedy to lower cholesterol naturally in a few months you should be on your way to better cholesterol level.

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