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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to Lower Cholesterol Levels - Surprisingly Effective Techniques That Work

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Lower Cholesterol Level Presents:

How to Lower Cholesterol Levels - Surprisingly Effective Techniques That Work
By Van Crawford

For most individuals, learning how to lower cholesterol levels is critically important. Statistics tell us that more than half of the population in the United States has high cholesterol which is why medication for lowering cholesterol has become such big business.

There are many different approaches you can take for lower cholesterol level. While your doctor may suggest immediately using medication, this really is not the place to start. I say this because it has been proven over and over again that the best way to reduce high cholesterol is through changes in your diet.

A cholesterol lowering diet that contains high amounts of vegetables, fruits and nuts is the most effective way to bring down high cholesterol levels. I even read a news story about a doctor who could not tollerate cholesterol medication so he turned to reducing cholesterol through diet. To his amazement, he actually obtained better results than what most of his patients were getting with medication.

If you are serious about reducing your high lipid readings, you'll need to make these changes in your diet.

1.) Increase the amounts of high fiber foods you consume.

2.) Reduce the amounts of saturated fats such as those found in beef and pork.

3.) Limit your snacking too high fiber foods such as fruit and nuts.

4.) Add more vegetables to your meals whenever possible.

These are just a few of the simple tips for lowering cholesterol that you can use to begin improving your cardiovascular health.

Other natural ways to address this issue include increased amounts of exercise and cholesterol lowering supplements that contain plant sterols.

Lowering cholesterol levels naturally, without the use of medication, will give you more energy and improve your immune system in addition to providing a healthier cardiovascular system. This is why I have built a website where I show you how to lower cholesterol levels most effectively.

I encourage you to visit it to read more about the foods, supplements and diets that have been proven to reduce high lipid levels.

Van Crawford has been researching health related issues for more than 10 years and shares his research into natural ways to lower cholesterol levels on his website. To learn more about effective ways to lower your cholesterol and to learn how Van was able to lower his cholesterol without the use of medication, visit his website now: How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally

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