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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Foods With High Cholesterol Level to Avoid and the Most Excellent Extracts to Naturally Lower Cholesterol Level

There is much dialogue happening right now concerning the true influence of meals high in cholesterol to your well-being and health. But it is definitely good recommendation to eat healthy therefore the following are the foods best to keep away from and those to eat a lot more of in order to lower cholesterol level.

Most of the time, it tends that our favorite foods are the ones that can be dangerous for us! Though they're referred to as high cholesterol foods, it's the trans fats and saturated fat which will be harmful because these two things can encourage the production of additional cholesterol by your liver.

Dairy product, fried food, take away food and potato chips, eggs, butter margarine and fatty meat are all carrying high in the incorrect form of fats plus can increase your LDL or unhealthy cholesterol levels.

At any time you reduce for these meals which have high cholesterol and in addition increase your intake of the healthy foods, you may be on a way to restoring the ordinary balance involving your bad and good cholesterol levels, which can lower cholesterol level.

Healthy foods such as fruit and veggies do not contain any cholesterol plus along with Fatty fish like hoki and salmon, oatmeal and nuts, you may also help to lower cholesterol levels.

But, it is very important to notice that not more than twenty percent of your body cholesterol resulted from the food you eat with another eighty percents coming back out of your liver.

A mix of the appropriate extracts will help to scale back the production of cholesterol from the liver, cut back absorption and facilitate to dissolve the particles of cholesterol.

The best extract include Theaflavins comes from green tea, Policosanol extract from raw sugar cane, Phytosterols from plants and D-Limonene comes from orange peel. These extract combine should be able to lift the amount of good cholesterol while lowering the bad cholesterol.

The more you have the good cholesterol, the more extra bad cholesterol your body can remove to keep your blood vessel clean from any clogs and to deduct your possibility to dying young.

in closing words, now that you know the food that contain high in cholesterol that you should avoid, and the food that you need to eat more and also the extracts from natural source that are useful for your health, you can help yourselves to lower cholesterol level for now and for the long run too.