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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lower Cholesterol Level, of course, with these strategies

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Lower Cholesterol Level Presents:

Lower Cholesterol Level with these strategies

If you already have been diagnosed with a high cholesterol level, but do not to lower your cholesterol level down with the drugs. It is hard to figure out what to do after that. However, a simple Internet search can discover a lot of services and products you can purchase to help - some are using natural ingredient, some are not.

But If you really want to lower the level of your cholesterol in natural way, there are two major strategies that you can follow, which will make is a difference the next time you got the result of your cholesterol blood test.

1. Regular Physical Exercise

Physical activity which is done regulary will immediately lower your bad cholesterol level also known as the Low Density Lipoprotein(LDL), and at the same time will increase your good cholesterol level also known as the High Density Lipoprotein(HDL). There is a biological basis for this reason.

If you exercise, even with moderate levels, your muscle cells need more injection of fuel, and your body reacts to that needed by mobilizing the fatty acids and also glucose to supply some quantities of fuel. For each time that you get up from your comvertable couch and go to do some training season, you just make yourselve a positive difference. More to that, exercise regulary will also lower your stress level, and remember that stress can increase the level of your bad cholesterol.

If you have not done any exercise for the time being, it is wise to talk to your doctor before hand just to make sure that it is okay for you to get sweaty. After you finish consult with your doctor, use your doctor recommendations, take the phone and you can book an appointment to see your local accredited and qualified personal fitness coach. Basically they are not for celebrities only, your fitness coach will show you which exercise that can make you shapely result and fast, and to make sure that you do it in safety way.

2. A good diet

Fibers, particularly soluble fiber is your second important strategy. Most of the food that people in the world eats are not having enough fiber, especially to those people who eat more of takeaway food or processed food.

Soluble fiber will vacumm the fat and bring it out from your body and prevent the fat from being stored on the blood vessel. It is crucial to have the right quantity of soluble fiber within our body: you must eat every day,

- 57-140g of oatmeal
- 2-3 pears or apples
- 100-150g of dry legumes (beans)
- 10-30g Psyllium or cups
Any combination of those above

If you put your determination to eat the right quantities of fiber every time every day, than you will automatically eat less the non healthty food and the processed food from your diet. more to that, your bowel will also in better health!

Since you know now two main strategies for lower your cholesterol level naturally, of course, it is the time to put into practice. The best thing is, these strategies are also boost a lot of energy for life, in the same time lowering the stress level. Soon you will feel right to control your health. The problems with high cholesterol level is the thing of the past.

Lower Cholesterol Level