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Sunday, May 17, 2009

How to Lower Cholesterol Level Without Medications

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How to Lower Cholesterol Level Without Medications

A lot of people, who has high cholesterol level, often use prescription medication in hope that this medication will automatically reduce our cholesterol blood level without changing anything in our lives. Even though these prescription medications can really lower your cholesterol level, but there are side effects for both short and long term.

However, if you let this high cholesterol level without any treatment, over time, the level will be rising so high and out of control, and it will block the arteries and will lead to a lot of dangerous disease such as heart attack or stroke.

Lowering your cholesterol level without any medication is possible to do if you follow the following tips. The following simple basic tips are not just only going to lower your cholesterol level, but will improve your health as well.

Healthy Dietary

It may sound difficult to change from eating everything that we like, to eat for healthiness. But this is the number one factor that you need to look at when you want to lower your cholesterol blood level, because the food that we eat is the source for the production of the cholesterol within our body. Therefore changing our diet will play a significant role in lowering our level of cholesterol. So the first thing is eat no fat and low cholesterol diet.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise regularly will stimulate the body to produce a lot of good cholesterol. And this good cholesterol has a function to vacuum the bad cholesterol from our blood vessel. Therefore the more you have the good cholesterol in your body the more bad cholesterol in your vessel will be clean. More to that, regular exercise will also make our heart strong and will make our blood circulation flow smoothly.

Stop Smoking

Smoking can make the bad cholesterol accelerated, thus it will build a plaque in our blood vessel. This plaque will block the blood flow, and that makes our heart had to work extra harder in order to make the blood flow smoothly. This extra hard work by our heart that can lead to a heart attack, where the heart stops working. And if the plaque will completely block our blood vessel, then we can have a stroke.


Stress is dangerous to our health. Chronic stress can stimulate the production of the bad cholesterol. So even though you are eating healthy foods but if you are constantly stressed, there no way you can lower your cholesterol level. Therefore it is important for you to learn how to relieve stress.

Consult to your doctor

Not every doctor is quick in prescribing medication to lower cholesterol level. Some doctors will only prescribe medication if your level is already extremely high. But it is very important to have someone that can help you monitor the up and down of the cholesterol level. Someone who has all the qualification to do the monitoring would be your doctor. So if you want to know whether following a specific diet or exercise will be good for you or not, your better consult your doctor first. Your doctor can help you create a program that will combine the diet and exercise that you need to do daily that will suit your current situation

In Summary, It will take determination, hard work and long time if you want to see a significant improvement, however, lowering cholesterol level without prescribe medications is something that is possible to be done.

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