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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How to Free Yourself from Man Made Supplements & become Cholesterol Free

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How to Free Yourself from Man Made Supplements & become Cholesterol Free

Terrible side-effects often are associated with supplements when lowering your Cholesterol. It is important to note, that not all supplements inline with a proper lifestyle (exercise & diet) produce those nasty side-effects. When it comes to making a choice in the type of supplements, there are really only two to select from, man made or natural.

Supplements that are Man Made

One example of man made supplements are Statin drugs. In the medical field, Statin drugs are rather famous for being effective in lowering cholesterol, yet just like any other man made drug, the usage of them can cause some undesired side-effects. One of the side-effect associated with Statin drugs usage is muscle ache. If this arises it is advised that you inform your doctor immediately.

Other more serious concerns one might have is that when taking Statin drugs you may get some kidney dysfunction. It has been advised that when someone is using Statin as a drug for Cholesterol, they should also take Co-Enzyme Q10 to replenish the enzyme that is being destroyed by the Statin drug.

Use Natural supplements to reduce Cholesterol!

Yes, you can lower cholesterol by using natural supplements. These are easily found in many different markets without any of the undesirable side-effects. One of the most effective cholesterol lowering natural supplement today is called Policosanol, a pure extract of sugar cane wax. It has been well documented that Policosanol will increase the levels of HDL (good) cholesterol while reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol naturally with no side-effects. It also has been said that Policosanol has been proven to outperform the many man-made supplements of the market by a huge margin.

Green tea extracts have similar properties as those contained in Policosanol, as does Beta Sitosterol. Beta Sitosterol, which is found in soybeans and corn oil is believed to also have anti-cancer and immune boosting properties too! Guggulipid extract, which comes from an ancient herb in India, is also one the many natural solutions to high cholesterol problems. Used in India to treat a variety of sicknesses, it has also proved to be exceptionally effective in helping to reduce cholesterol levels. Just like Policosanol, Guggulipid extracts have proved to perform better than most man made medications available on the market today.

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