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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lower High Cholesterol Level with Green Tea

There are many reasons why people drink green tea. Some people for enjoyment, others for health. There are many health benefit from drinking green tea, as of for cholesterol, Green tea can lower high cholesterol level.

People who drink green tea on regular basis have much lower cholesterol levels than people who don't drink green tea at all.

How drinking green tea can lower cholesterol level?

· Green tea polyphenols can actually prevent the absorption of cholesterol and make cholesterol excreted from the body.

· Green tea has very effective antioxidants called epicatechins. This antioxidant is responsible in lowering bad cholesterol by almost half.

Now that we know the benefit of drinking green tea, therefore it is advisable that we add a nice warm cup of green tea in our daily diet in order to lower our cholesterol level.