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Thursday, May 8, 2008

High Cholesterol Foods - What to Eat and What Not to Eat

There's only two ways our body can have cholesterol. The first one is through our own production of cholesterol, which is produced by the liver. The cholesterol level produced by the liver is not the same in every people.

The second one is from the foods that we eat. Just like the cholesterol that’s produced by the liver, the cholesterol level that we get from the food that we eat is different for each person.

Certain level of cholesterol is needed by our bodies to live, however our cholesterol production from the liver can meet that demand without any problem. This makes all the cholesterol that we get from the food will be the excessive cholesterol that can endanger our health. Therefore to keep a lower cholesterol level and live a healthy life it is important to know what to eat and what not to eat.

There are a lot of foods that contain cholesterol and there are a lot of food that don't have the cholesterol. Mostly the food from animals; like beef, chickens, meat, they are contain cholesterol, while food process from plants; like veggies or fruit, they do not have cholesterol.

Not all the food that contains cholesterol is bad for the health. Some food; like the egg yolk is contain a very high in cholesterol, however egg yolk is the HDL cholesterol (read: good cholesterol) therefore egg yolk is good for you heart.

However, fried food like fried chickens or French fries usually contain a high level of LDL cholesterol (read: bad cholesterol) which are bad for you heart.

Therefore, to lower our high cholesterol level, it is advisable that we should reduce or even avoid meat, fat and dairy product in our diet. And we should increase fruits, vegetables and grain in our diet. Another thing, it’s better not to eat deep fried food, as well as fried food as they contain a high cholesterol level.