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Friday, March 21, 2008

High Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol is needed by our body to produce vitamin D, to produce many hormones and to digest fat. However we don't need too much cholesterol in our bloodstream in order to make those production function normally.

The problem with high cholesterol arise went we have too many unused cholesterol in our bloodstream. The excess cholesterol will be left unused in the blood vessel and will be contributed to the narrowing and blocking the bloodstream.



Family History

Your chances of having high cholesterol increase if you have a family history of high cholesterol. The most common type of this high cholesterol is called Familial hypercholesterolemia.



If you are overweight or you eat too much fat, it will certainly increase your cholesterol level. One irony of life is that the more tastier the food, the more likely it contain more fat.


Age and Gender

When we are still a baby, our blood vessel is like a highway for the bloodstream to flow. As we grow older, our cholesterol level is increasing depending on our lifestyle.

Women before menopause, will tend to have a lower cholesterol level than men with the same age. However women after menopause, will tend to have higher cholesterol level than men.


Mental Stress

In some cases, when you stress mentally, your chance to have a high cholesterol level increase. This is due to the stress affecting habits, that stress people will likely to eat fatty foods.


It would have been nice to know the high cholesterol symptom, so that you will know when your cholesterol level is start increasing for too much. Unfortunately there is no symptom at all that can alert you in any state. The only prevention step that you need to take is to have a blood test.


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