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Friday, April 4, 2008

Cardiovascular Disease Explained

The effect people will have to their health when they do not lower their cholesterol level would be Cardiovascular disease.

The medical term Cardiovascular disease or also known as CVD is a term used to describes various diseases that effect the heart and blood vessels. The most commonly affected blood vessels are the one that go to the eyes, legs, kidneys, heart or brain. However, as the matter of the fact, any blood vessels in the body can be affected.

Some most common of the cardiovascular disease which cholesterol related are as the following;

Heart Attack - it happens when the flow of the blood to the heart is interrupted or it is blocked

Stroke - it happens when the flow of the blood to the brain is interrupted or it is blocked

Angina (Chest pain) - it happens when the blood vessels to the muscle of the heart become narrow and the heart receives less oxygen than it needs

Atherosclerosis - it happens when a block of the cholesterol and other fats accumulates within the wall of an artery (a type of blood vessel)